About Tracey

tracey_001_orderTracey S. Lawrence is a woman of many talents. Most of her adult life, she served clients as a graphic artist. That changed when her parents became ill.

Tracey’s journey as a serial caregiver, to her husband (twice: first in 1987, then in 2017), her father (who died in 2004) and her mother (who died in 2015) gives her a unique perspective on life and death. She is quoted as saying “That which does not kill me makes me stranger.”

The published author of the ground-breaking book, “Dementia Sucks: A Caregiver’s Journey – With Lessons Learned,” Tracey shares her discoveries, insights and humor with the world, encouraging people to wake up to the harsh realities of life before they become undeniable. Laughter, compassion and acceptance are part of the recipe required to plan for and survive the current climate of healthcare, illness and the overwhelming nature of it all.

Here are some things Tracey can do for you:

Business Consultant, Trainer and Speaker: Tracey enables companies to support and retain valued employees by focusing on the challenges of family caregiving in light of a growing epidemic. In her humorous and approachable style, Tracey takes her audiences on a journey through the complexities of the current crises through the lens of her ground-breaking book, “Dementia Sucks.” This inspirational speaker lends her expertise to audiences throughout the New York metro area, and is available to international groups. Her message saves lives while promoting productivity.

Topics Tracey addresses:

  • Hidden Epidemic: Tips for Saving Your Business and Your Life!
  • Seasoning The Sandwich: Tasty Tips For Managing in the Age of Family Health Crises
  • Workshop: For Those Who Care: DOCUMENT IT!
  • Are YOU A Caregiver?
  • What is Dementia?
  • Has the Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease Been Found?
  • Advocating for Loved Ones in Need
  • Self-care and Productivity
  • Family Caregiving and Career: Can Anyone Do Both?
  • Resources Everyone Needs
  • And much more!

To discuss programs and fees, contact Tracey.

Dementia Sucks_cover_v3Author: “Dementia Sucks: A Caregiver’s Journey – With Lessons Learned” published by Post Hill Press, May 2018, is Tracey’s first published work, considered by many to be “the missing manual for caregiving.” A personal memoir derived from the journal kept during the time she was caregiver to her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and psychosis (among other things), the story is funny, tragic and enlightening. The “lessons learned” section offers advice and insights that many families will find invaluable. “Dementia Sucks” may be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine booksellers everywhere. Discounts for quantity sales are available direct from the publisher. Ask for the rate card.

Tracey also blogs, writes articles, teaches classes in the real world and online, and is an entertaining interview subject for podcasts and other media.

Family Coach: For busy people who are overwhelmed with careers, children, spouses, and aging loved ones who ALL need attention, Tracey can help. By looking at the entire family, she can identify areas that should be prioritized, design a plan to protect every person of concern and help to implement recommendations in the most sensible, effective manner possible. Contact Tracey to see if a complementary consultation is right for you!