Tracey’s Talks:

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave yesterday at the Hawthorne Senior Center! You definitely had everyone’s attention, and I think you’re a marvelous storyteller. Much success with your book, and looking forward to seeing you on Oprah one day!” – Daria Boyd, Event Management, FirstLight HomeCare

“Very informative! Great for families affected by the disease” – Book Talk attendee

“Dementia Sucks”:

Unsolicited testimonial

I, for one, am grateful to Tracey Lawrence for documenting her mother’s journey through dementia. Born to the role of caregiver, Tracey moves her mother into her home when it’s clear her mom can no longer take care of herself. Tracey rides the humorous, crazy, poignant twists and turns of her mother’s behavior with aplomb. Yet, as her mom’s health vacillates wildly near the end of her life, Tracey  states what so many have felt: ‘The roller coaster ride continues, and I long to get off.’ As she disembarks, the author leaves behind so much more than a record of her mother’s challenging last years. She shares a picture of what it means to live fully engaged with the people we love. As a bonus, for all those who find themselves in a caregiving role, Tracey provides tools for coping. This book will be a gift to many!” – Ann Campanella, author of Motherhood: Lost and Found

I just wanted to thank you for writing your book. I finished it in 2 days. Your stories were right on and comforting to know that I’m not alone in caring for mom…I laughed, sympathized and almost cried when reading your book. People underestimate the physical, emotional, mental and financial toll being a caregiver takes on ones life.” – Robert Brai

“When I face the challenges in my life, I use journaling as an outlet for my thoughts and emotions. Never before have I read someone else’s, until now. Dementia Sucks is a revealing journal-based story exploring the rapid decline Alzheimer’s brings about. For all the horror of this disease, the journey of this book reveals something beautiful. You will discover the humanity, the joy, and the hope that is ever present, even in the darkest hour with tears streaming down your face.” – Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First

Dementia Sucks says it all in two words. But if you are looking for answers to what is happening with someone you know who seems to be in slow mental descent, or has been diagnosed with dementia, Tracey Lawrence has left a brave, revealing, and valuable diary in your path. Pick it up and read it. You will find humor, pain, honesty, answers, and proof you are not alone. It is on one hand a manual for the multitudes coming to grips with this broad category of brain disease, on the other hand, a love story. Thank you, Tracey, for sharing your courageous tale.” – Gary Donatelli, producer, 23 Blast and director of One Life to Live

“I am sure it is no surprise to anyone that Dementia in its many forms including Alzheimer’s is a big issue around the world, with many people working on cures that hopefully will come quickly. This book is a true story of a woman and her husband who took care or her parents when this insidious disease took its toll on them. It is written in a wonderful style that sweeps you into the daily ups and downs of her experience, it will take you through a wide range of emotions as well as give you very wise advice about what you can do now in preparation. I have read many books in my life and I can truly say this is a favorite, it is poignant and yet not a clinical scientific textbook with lots of esoteric terms. Tracey’s writing style is so readable and approachable I found it hard to put this book down. I cannot recommend this highly enough, it takes a very relevant subject and invites you in to help you understand this subject from a different perspective. They only give me 5 stars so I did that and say times 2 in my opinion. Must read!” – Steven Earle

“Tracey has a writing style that is wonderful! This is a great book not only from a story perspective, but to keep as a ‘reference’ for all of us who have aging parents who may experience a similar situation. Keep the books coming, Tracey!” – Amy Romansky

“Dementia Sucks by Tracey S. Lawrence definitely deserves the 5 Star Rating by Amazon. Her true story journey losing her Dad as well as her Mother through dementia was written with humor, humanity, joy, hope and tears. It is the journal of challenges faced on a day to day basis caring for a loved family member. Most of all it was written with love as she handled the shift in roles and emotions, the emotional and physical stress and the importance of a support team dealing with geriatric illness, doctors, hospitals, insurance, health care facilities and the dynamics of family. Having experienced caregiving for my parents, especially my Dad who spent three years and three months in a nursing home I felt Tracey hit a home run with this book and prepared others with lessons learned and articles to get families started on their path of caregiving essentials. Bravo Tracey Lawrence!!” – Judy Marlow

“The author’s kindness and insight shine through in this journal-like rendition of what one can expect while caring for a parent with dementia. It does make you think, but it is not morbid. Take a peek and you will immediately note well-written, interesting text containing useful information.” – Evelina Sodt

“Tracey gives a real day to day accounting of her experience caring for her parents with dementia. A loving account of the ups and downs of caring for the ones who raised her to adulthood, and finding the roles have reversed later in life. In spite of the heart break this disease brings to all of it’s victim’s families, Tracey maintains some sanity by looking at the humorous side in some of the little things. A fun read for those who’ve been there, as well as for those who feel alone and struggle to find some light in the darkness.” – Antoniette K

Review from mmLearn.org, an independent, web-based program of the Elizabeth McGown Training Institute providing quality, consistent caregiver training

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